Friday, 9 September 2016

Geometric Pattern Nailart Tutorial With Colourful Triangles Design ...

After a long gap here is a nail art for all of my lovely followers...  I am so sorry for not posting any art in between...  I am shifting to a new place within some days and a little busy in finishing all pending works here...  I will try to be regular again...

On 5th of September we celebrate  Teacher's day  and I thought to draw a nail art just to tribute this amazing day...  I decided to draw something related to study and drew this geometric pattern art...  I have one more  nail art idea in my mind but will share in some other post...  So let's jump into the tutorial soon..

Products I need -

1- Few colourful nail polishes
2- A white polish as base colour of the art
3- A clear coat
4-  Some toothpicks

Steps -

1- First apply a transparent base coat to protect the nails and then apply two coats of white nail polish which will work as the base of the art.

2- Now by using  toothpicks draw triangles...  Use all colourful nail polishes just to bring a nice geometric effect... 

You can also draw rectangle, square or any other geometric pattern but triangles are looking really cool... 

3- Now wait till the art will dry completely and apply the clear coat over it to lock the art...

Done 😊😊

Now enjoy the pics... 

Hope you liked  this easy and simple   nail art...  Have a nice day..

Stay Beautiful ❤❤


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