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Vanya Anaarcleanse Pomegranate Body Scrub Review

After my delivery I am more into skincare than makeup . These days I am more conscious about my skin . Recently I have added a new member into my skincare  regimen and that is Vanya Anaarcleanse Pomegranate Body Scrub .

Vanya Anaarcleanse Pomegranate Body Scrub Review

Like we scrub our face ,the same way we can do all over the body . Hence a good body scrub is very necessary to remove all traces of dirt's from skin . I am already  using the body cream from the same brand and quite satisfied . I an using this pomegranate body scrub since a month now and ready to share my opinion with you all .

Price - Rs840/- for 80gm.
Shelf life - 2yrs. from mfg.

It is available Here

Benefits -

Vanya Anaarcleanse Pomegranate Body Scrub Review

Ingredients - Natural cane sugar , propylene glycol, pomegranate powder, Himalayan orange powder, glycerin, milk powder , natural oils of orange , bergamot and mandarin , benzoic acid

Experience -

 First which caught my attention is the amazing ingredients . This scrub is a blend of pomegranate powder , sugar ,milk powder , Himalayan orange powder , orange oil ,etc.  which makes it more luxurious . The scrub has a nice fragrance which instantly lifts up my mood and I feel refreshed .

Vanya Anaarcleanse Pomegranate Body Scrub Review

Vanya Anaarcleanse Pomegranate Body Scrub Review

The scrub is semi thick in consistency which is perfect to use in my opinion. It has small particles which obviously not do harsh on my skin . It spreads amazingly on skin . The scrub particles are so gentle on skin and doesn't irritate at all. I use this once or twice in a week . It cleanses my skin so well and my skin feels super soft after scrubbing . It also hydrates skin . It removes all dirts and dead cells from skin and makes it squicky clean . It also removes skin tan so effectively . I love the scrub completely.

Vanya Anaarcleanse Pomegranate Body Scrub Review

Packaging wise it is so luxurious looking.  Like the body cream this scrub also comes in a tub packaging . The overall silvery packaging makes it looking classy . The outer cardboard box has all necessary information regarding the product .

Pros . -

1. Classy packaging
2.  Smells really well
3. Not too harsh exfoliating particles
4. Has goodness of pomegranate, Himalayan orange , cane sugar , milk solid ,etc.
5. Exfoliate skin really well
6. Removes sun tan as well
7. All natural and chemicals free
8. Keeps skin moisturized too

Con's.. -
1- seems pricey

Rating - 4.8/5

"A good skin exfoliator with all natural ingredients. Keeps skin moisturized as well. What else we can ask for !! Go for it guys.."

Hope you found this review helpful.. See you in another great post ,till then take care.


* Product sent by brand but my opinion is unbiased as usual .

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