Saturday, 13 August 2016

πŸŽ€ Rainbow Inspired Nail Art πŸŽ€ - Step By Step Tutorial πŸ’œπŸ’œ

One more rainy season inspired art and this time it's Rainbow inspired art...  We all love watching rainbow and I love how beautifully  it holds the seven bright colours...  Anyway today I have tried to create a rainbow art on my nails but I haven't use all the seven colours...  I choose  some random bright shades which somehow resemble the rainbow effect...  Let's see the steps..

Products I Need -

1- Some bright bold  nail paints (here I have used blue, red, yellow, orange, pink, Green )
2- Black  and white nail polish
3- Clear coat
4- Thin nailart brush


1- First I painted my nails with white polish which will act as a base... 

2- Then I took all the colours one by one and draw wavy lines  in random manner... 

3- Now on the middle finger  I have drawn an umbrella and a heart shape using the black and red nail polish...  This is a free hand art..

4-After dried out everything applied the top coat to lock the  art..


I have one more rainbow inspired art which is also really simple and easy to draw...  Will share in my next post..

Hope you like this nailart.. Do share your feedback below..

Love xoxo


  1. Snighda I love trying out new and funky nail arts and this one looks funky and cool . Great post.

  2. good one Snigs :)

  3. looks cute :)


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